Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is employee engagement a factor in Knowledge Transfer?

Dr. Debby McNichols offered a question for discussion in her new LinkedIn group: Multi-generational Knowledge Transfer Strategies.

Here's my reply: The extent to which the internal climate of an organization encourages deep personal connection and ignites the effort required to continuously renew one’s professional skills and capabilities, then I believe engagement is important to knowledge transfer. In my practice I'm focusing more on passion at work, passion for learning, rather than engagement. It is difficult for me to point to any staff member and say they are engaged, somewhat engaged or disengaged. I can look in their eyes and see excitement, aliveness and passion for what they do. I can see and feel the fire-in-the-belly to learn and strive for excellence in everything they do, beyond just doing a job. This is an authentic indicator of workplace excellence, employee engagement and knowledge transfer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Introduction to Workplace Excellence

Hello readers. My name is Frank and I'm a manager.

I have been a manager and leader in retail and banking for over 10 years now and have recently begun blogging on one of our sister sites I hope to bring some of my views to this site and share my insight with you in this forum. Keep in mind that I am not a professional writer and am sure that the things I type could probably be written in a much more eloquent way(and probably spelled better too), so hopefully that won't get in the way of us getting to know you better and helping you through some of the hardships that come with leading people.

So lets get this party started.

The way I see it managers would have a much easier life if there was a handbook that laid out everything we had to do everyday to be successful. Well guess what that book has not been written yet, and I'm not smart enough to be the guy to do it. But there are some things you can do make your(and your employees) lives much better at work. I call it my 12 step program for success:

1) Know what your vision is
2) Hire the right people
3) Train the right way
4) Listen to your customers
5) Listen to your employees
6) Control what you can control
7) Show appreciation
8) Be direct
9) Lead by example
10) Admit when you are wrong
11) Maximise your power associates
12) Don't do all the work

I am in the process of going through all of these steps in detail at the managers anonymous website, so check out the steps there and if you would like to see some of that here please let me know.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions and make suggestions for topics, just send them to

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Workplace Excellence Blog

The Workplace Excellence Blog is an important part of the online community created and supported by experienced managers, coaches, trainers, consultants and talent-management professionals dedicated to helping both employers and employees improve their workplaces.

Our bloggers are experienced professionals who work with organizations, small and large, to access the employer and employee voice to ultimately enhance workplace excellence. The opinions found on this blog are among the many tools you can use to improve your organizational environment, garner the best employees and improve key metrics.